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Board of Directors

TVET Australia is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of nominees from Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments, public and private providers, industry and unions.

The TVET Australia Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the company:

  • Fulfils its stated purposes;
  • Does not stray beyond the parameters of its purposes without the consent of the Owners and associated amendments to the Constitution;
  • Fulfils its obligations under the Corporations Act 2001 and any other statutory instrument relevant to the Company’s operations;
  • Maintains a sound financial position and complies with financial reporting requirements
  • Delivers on agreed strategic and business priorities over time.

The Board of TVET Australia is established under Section 26 of the TVET Australia Constitution.  This section provides for the establishment of a Board that:

  • Has no more than eight Directors appointed as follows;
  • The Commonwealth Government Minister who has responsibility for vocational education and training will nominate two (2) Directors, of which one will, unless determined otherwise by the Minister at the Minister’s discretion, be the chairperson of NQC. If the chairperson of NQC is nominated by the Minister, then that person shall be Board Chairperson providing they agree to be Board Chairperson. If the chairperson of NQC is not nominated by the Minister or does not want to be Board Chairperson, then the Minister will decide which other nominated Director will be appointed the Board Chairperson.
  • The State and Territory Ministers will nominate two (2) Directors.
  • The Commonwealth Government Minister who has responsibility for vocational education and training will also nominate two (2) further Directors following consultation with MCVTE drawn from nominations from National Industry Bodies.
  • The Directors shall have power at any time, and from time to time, to appoint up to a maximum of two persons who in the opinion of the Directors will provide relevant expertise such as intellectual property, product development or distribution, regulation or quality assessment for RTOs expertise as may be required by the Company.

TVET Australia Board Members:

Hon John Dawkins AO   Chair
Ian Webster   Sally Milner Publishing Pty Ltd
Patricia Neden   Innovation and Business Skills Australia
Rod Camm   Skills Queensland
Professor Roy Green   University of Technology Sydney
Megan Lilly   Australian Industry Group
Kathryn Campbell   Tertiary, Youth and International (DEEWR)
Tim Shipstone   ACTU

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